Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Taste of Things To Come

On Saturday night Mrs Velkyal and I went for dinner and beers with some friends of ours, who I took great delight in introducing to the wonderful 11° kvasnicové lager from Pivovarský dvůr Zvíkov. As our friends had just returned from Virginia they brought back a bottle of local beer for me to try, thus it was I got my hands on some Starr Hill Pale Ale - Starr Hill are soon to be one of my local breweries and I am very much looking forward to getting to grips with their full range.

Anyway, to the beer. It pours a rich copper colour, slightly darker than amber, and the head is white but rather thin and disappeared a bit quickly, although a little remained doggedly until the end of the drink. Being an American Pale Ale (a style of beer thankfully that I am really starting to get into!) the nose was very much full of citrus, with a slight touch of pine resin. Up front this beer is very bitter, although it has a delightfully honeyed undertone which stops it from being the equivalent of sucking lemons. The finish is dry and long, and the beer is very refreshing. In many ways this beer reminded me of my favourite pale ale, Galway Hooker - high praise indeed.

So my first beer from Charlottesville (well ok then, technically Crozet but I believe they started in CVille) has given me great encouragement, and will almost certainly be a staple beer in the fridge as it is full of flavour and yet very easy to drink.


  1. I still am not able to detect the scent of "pine" or "pine resin" as you call it. I grew up around pine trees, so one would think it would be easy!

    P.S. I think you have a typo "white is white" vs "foam/head is white"?

  2. Getting a taste for your new home already I see. Three cheers for Virginia beers! Remember, unlike mere "states", we're part of the rare club of Commonwealths. And our state symbol is righteous!

  3. Lost,

    Thanks for the heads up on the typo. On the pine thing, that is part of the joy of beer - it is completely subjective.

    E.S. Delia,

    Commonwealths rock (coming from the home of the world's largest!). If other VA beers are as good as this starter then I am going to be a very happy soul.

  4. As a resident of the Commonwealth , and a big fan of Star Hill (check out their wheat beer, "The Love", it's great)the state has begun a VA Beer Trail (Blue Mountain, Devil's Backbone and Star Hill) You are moving to a up and coming "beery" area. Good luck!


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