Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing a Brisk Trade

Reading the news these days you's thing the Apocalypse was just round the corner (random thought, if the end of the world happened in the Caribbean, would it be the Apocalypso?). The economy is in tatters apparently, we are about to wiped out by flying pig flu, the seas are going to rise and swamp many coastal towns (do hope BrewDog has backup plans) and the human race seems intent on massacring itself in the name of various gods, who probably roll their eyes in wonder at our dim wittedness.

But here in Prague, good pubs seem to be doing well, especially given the evidence of my eyes and wallet last night. The places in question were Sousedský Pivovar U Bansethů, more commonly known as Bašta, and Zlý Časy.

Bašta is currently selling it's rather nice 13° smoked beer, which isn't overly smokey and has a slight sour edge which offsets everything very nicely. 5 minutes away at Zlý Časy they currently have the recently returned Herold Wheat which was very nice, as well as a rather flavourful beer from Bamberg's Mahr's Bräu called ETA.

Funny that isn't it? Provide good beer at reasonable prices and you get a pub with is packed on a Thursday night, and most nights of the week in my experience. Think it might catch on?


  1. It seems to work for Wetherspoons.

    I think there is a town centre effect though..

  2. When Czech breweries make smoked beer, are they borrowing the style from Germany, or is there some kind of tradition there too? Either way, it's nice to hear that people are getting a bit more adventurous.

  3. I think they are taking inspiration from the Bamberg scene, which makes sense given that it is just over the border.


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