Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Promise

I am really looking forward to moving to the USA, as may be obvious. There are many things I have plans to do, having a Wendy's Baconator (3 burgers, 3 slices of cheese, topped with crispy bacon - heaven) for a start.

One thing I have promised myself when we are living there is to not limit my beer drinking to the craft brewing scene, although I am sure it will be the overwhelming majority of what I drink. I will also re-discover Budweiser, the various Michelob beers and whatever else sells big. When I was at college I would sometimes enjoy a Bud Ice on the days when I didn't feel like a Caffrey's or a Guinness - my then beers of choice.

When Mrs V and I were in the States in 2007 we tried Michelob Amber Bock, which I quite enjoyed and am keen to re-evaluate in the light of greater experience, and see if it is still refreshing when in the heat of Daytona Beach.

Just as I had to give credit where it was due with the Gambrinus Excelent, I simply don't want to become a craft beer fundamentalist unable to look beyond the name on the bottle to what is actually in the bottle.


  1. BUD ICE !!!!"£$%^??? Please tell me you are joking!

  2. I was young and stupid, and it was 1 pound a bottle at the local off-licence!

  3. Its not snobbery to drink micros, its also trying not to support big bland corporate brands, dont even think of drinking a bud, you should know that after your time in Czech after all their battles with Budvar.

  4. I want to try the Budweiser American Ale - just to see what it tastes like.

    I didn't mention snobbery at all, but rather I don't want to refuse to drink stuff from the big breweries purely on the basis of name.

    Afterall, A-B InBev do make some of my favourite beers - Leffe springs to mind.

  5. I commend your open-mindedness!!!

    Where in the states are you moving to?


    P.S. The Baconator will cause heart attacks.

  6. We are moving to Virginia, though the wife is originally from South Carolina.

    Baconators will be a treat on occassion, mind you I haven't eaten in a McDonalds or KFC for nearly 4 years now, so I doubt it will become a habit.

  7. Here I am expecting this epic list of adventures planned, like "go skydiving" or "do a US breweries tour", and the one thing that tops the list is the Baconator?!

    Well played.

  8. After Delta food on the flight over, it may be my very first feed in the States as an immigrant!

  9. There are some decent beers owned by large breweries. I am partial to Blue Moon which is owned by coors. The amberbock was pretty decent too.

  10. As I said in the original article, the important thin to me is the contents of the bottle, not the name on the label.


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