Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Continental Pale Ale

Unfortunately this one will have to wait until Mrs Velkyal and I are safely ensconced in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but the idea has been floating around my head for a week or so.

The basic idea is to make a fusion beer, using British and American specialty grains on top of a pale malt extract base, hopped with noble hops from Germany and the Czech Republic.

The yeast would be a German Altbier strain, in order to keep a balance between sweetness and tartness, whilst producing a crisp, dry beer, which would then be cold conditioned for 90 days, as you would do with a Czech lager such as Budvar.

I decided to run this lot through the Beer Recipator, and this is what it gave me.

A nice autumnal beer methinks....


  1. Remind me, when exactly are you States-bound?

  2. gee 80 i.b.u.!

    I am just about to start brewing equipment is coming together.

    Based on a sort of 'wychcraft' clone styrian hops lager/pils malt with danstar winsdor..yes hopefully fruity. Cant wait!


  3. Adeptus,

    We fly out from Prague on June 30th.

    Steviee, good luck with your brewing!

  4. 80 IBU? Good stuff indeed and a respectable abv for a pale ale. My next project will be a Pale ale but I have yet to put together a recipe.


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