Dark Island Brewing

At present Dark Island Brewing beer can only be found, in very limited amounts, in my storage space - a wonderful little room which keeps the beer beautifully cool.

Dark Island Brewing currently has the following packaged beers:
  • International Homebrew Project 1860 Truman's Double Stout
Dark Island has the following beers in the works:
  • Extra Alt-Pils
  • English IPA
  • Cromarty Brewing Atlantic Drift Clone
Dark Island Brewing is named for the island I grew up on, Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, and also the hotel on the island where I had my first, legal, pint.

In Gaelic poetry the island is known as "An t-Eilean Dorcha" - The Dark Island.

Since I started brewing in 2009, I have won a number of awards for my beer:

2010 Virginia Beer Blitz
  • Red Coat Robust Porter, Gold Medal - Porter Category
  • Machair Mild, Silver Medal - Mild and Brown Ale Category
2010 Palmetto State Brewers Open
  • Samoset 2009, Silver Medal - Strong Ale Category
2011 Dominion Cup
  • Fuggold Bitter, Gold Medal - English Pale Ale Category
2011 Palmetto State Brewers Open
  • Samoset 2010, Gold Medal - Strong Ale Category
2012 Virginia Beer Blitz
  • Dark Island Bitter 1.0, Gold Medal - English Pale Ale Category
  • Dark Island Mild, Bronze Medal - Brown Ale Category
2014 Dominion Cup
  • Dark Island Winter Wheat, Silver Medal - German Wheat and Rye Beer

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