Dark Island Brewing

At present Dark Island Brewing beer can only be found, in very limited amounts, in my kegerator, occasionally in growlers at friends' parties, and from time to time at work events.

Dark Island Brewing currently has the following packaged beers:

Dark Island Brewing is named for the island I grew up on, Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, and also the hotel on the island where I had my first, legal, pint.

In Gaelic poetry the island is known as "An t-Eilean Dorcha" - The Dark Island.

Since I started brewing in 2009, I have won a number of awards for my beer:

2010 Virginia Beer Blitz
  • Red Coat Robust Porter, Gold Medal - Porter
  • Machair Mild, Silver Medal - Mild and Brown Ale
2010 Palmetto State Brewers Open
  • Samoset 2009, Silver Medal - Strong Ale
2011 Dominion Cup
  • Fuggold Bitter, Gold Medal - English Pale Ale
2011 Palmetto State Brewers Open
  • Samoset 2010, Gold Medal - Strong Ale
2012 Virginia Beer Blitz
  • Dark Island Bitter 1.0, Gold Medal - English Pale Ale
  • Dark Island Mild, Bronze Medal - Brown Ale
2014 Dominion Cup
  • Dark Island Winter Wheat, Silver Medal - German Wheat and Rye Beer
2017 Virginia Beer Blitz
  • Dark Island Machair Mor, Gold Medal - Stout

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