Friday, January 9, 2009

Beer Hero of the Week

I read this on the BBC this morning.

Perhaps CAMRA could sponsor a scheme to revive this ancient craft so inter-twined with the concept of real ale?

Update - I changed the title and decided to make Alastair Simms my Beer Hero of the Week, for single-handedly keeping alive a traditional part of the beer scene.


  1. Samuel Smiths still have coopers, used mainly for their Old Brewery bitter. I was in the Cheshire Cheese on a Fleet Street a few sundays back, and the OB ran out. The barmaid couldn't put another barrel on because (she claimed) the manager had nipped out and she was too weak to shift them around. Theakston have at least one cooper, but as as he also makes cheeseboards for their gift shop I don't know how 'full time' he is.

  2. Lees gave up wood a few years ago but still have a cooper who makes the odd cask or three for the fancy versions of Harvest Ale that are shipped to the US.

  3. Thanks for the info gents!

    Auntie Beeb should be given a right thrashing for spearding malicious lies! ;)


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