Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Three Word Challenge

Describing beers in three words, allowing for use of very, really, etc , obviously entirely subjective.
Burton Bridge Santa's Christmas Porter - Black, lifeless, bland

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil - Very dark, beautifully smooth, fantastic

Atlas Latitude - Golden, soft, classic

O'Hanlon's Goodwill Bitter - Amber, spicy, marmelade


  1. Cool idea! I should try that, I tend to go on a bit in my descriptions and this requires precision!

    I had a friend who travelled europe one summer and described each new beer with just one word - now that's a challenge!

  2. Ideally I would have left out the verys and reallys - perhaps next time I do this I will be stricter with myself.

  3. I like the simple idea.

    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.


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