Friday, January 16, 2009

Beer Hero of the Week

I read the Guardian, mainly because their International version is the only easily obtainable English language daily - the international version is printed juts down the road in Frankfurt, so that helps.

This week their wine "expert" had a pop at the craft beer industry, and has quite properly been derided on many of the blogs I read whenever they are updated. Thus I want to make my Beer Heros of the Week the following bloggers, whose posts I particularly enjoyed:

Well said gents.


  1. Oh blimey! Thanks guv'nor.

    *doffs cap*

  2. It is "nice" to see that Spanish speaking media is not the only one that fills pages with bollocks about beer....

  3. I don't know how you brits tolerate such elitism. In the US he'd be hog-tied and dragged through the center of town.

    ...of course, then we'd all be sued...


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