Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Raiding Blue Mountain

I generally don't drink during the week. It's a habit I picked up years ago when I moved to Prague and taught English to business people. The first lesson of the day often began at 7.30 in the morning and meant travelling across the city to get to their offices, which in turn meant getting up at 6am most days. When you have students to teach that early in the morning, and they are usually C level executives (Chief Something Officer), turning up bleary eyed and incoherent was not recommended.

The exceptions to that rule these days are the monthly meeting of the homebrew club, and other special occasions as warrant it - and no, Wednesday is not generally a special occasion. Tomorrow though is. All this week the good people at Blue Mountain Brewery have been holding an Oktoberfest out at the brewpub in Afton, and tomorrow is their Steal the Glass night. That's exactly what I intend to do, pop along, have a couple of pints of their Oktoberfest lager and steal the glass it comes in, which looks kind of like this:

According to the blurb for their Oktoberfest lager, named Humpbock for a local landmark, the beer:
"uses the eponymous Munich malt in combination with Pils and Vienna malts and is hopped exclusively with the noble Hallertau variety hop. Deep malty flavors dominate this quaffable beer. 26 IBUs."
I don't know about you, but that sounds worth drinking to me, and I have found myself wanting more beer glasses of late, so why not kill two birds one stone?

Picture credit: I didn't take this pic, it was posted on Blue Mountain's Facebook page.


  1. Glass stealing is a right...
    And it's OK when bloggers steal branded glasses as it gives breweries advertising so it's er... perfectly reasonable... no expected.

  2. Blue Mountain have a 'Steal the Glass' night every first Thursday of the month. Last night was the first I time I have been and had a grand time, though I only took 2 of the 4 glasses I could have, I can imagine Mrs V being somewhat narked off at 4 more beer glasses turning up at once!


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