Monday, October 15, 2012

A Reason to Cellar

I got laid off last Thursday, economic problems etc, etc. Long and the short of it though is that I am looking for full time work, not something I particularly enjoying but there are bills to be paid, body and conscientiousness kept together and all that stuff. Admittedly the world didn't seem so bad after a few pints of Left Hand's lovely Milk Stout and my pre-arranged haircut.

Thankfully my cellar is pretty well stoked at the moment, and I still have my occasional gigs at Starr Hill's tasting room, not mention I make passable homebrew, so the beer front doesn't look too bleak at all, especially not as I managed to snag a couple of cases of Port City Brewing's lovely Downright Pilsner just before the axe fell.

Hopefully I won't be unemployed for too long, both from a financial perspective and the fact that I get bored beyond witless when I am not gainfully employed - you have to pity Mrs V really. In the meantime, chin up and all that British stiff upper lip malarky. Still, I guess I have some decent beers to choose from when I am celebrating my new position!

In the spirit of shameless self promotion, here is my LinkedIn profile, if anyone in the Charlottesville area would like to have a look.


  1. Best of luck in the hunt for your next position. Anything beery possible?

  2. Best of luck, Al. I will be thinking of you.

  3. Sorry to hear the news. (We saw your announcement on Twitter followed by a hundred people saying 'Shit!') Given that you have actual bona fide useful skills, I'm sure it won't take long before you've sorted something out.

  4. Thanks guys!

    BUL 180 - I wish I had the money to start a pub, I think that would be my dream job!!


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