Friday, January 22, 2010

Here are the results....

If you are used to listening to the full time football results as announced by the BBC's James Alexander Gordon (get past the Swedish beginning and listen to his voice), you can imagine his tone of voice saying "pale ale rovers 7 porter/stout city 7".

Yes, the two top picks in the base beer poll for the International Homebrew Project were tied on 7 votes a piece, with Scottish/Scotch ale trailing on 5 and weizen/witbier a distant fourth with just a single vote. As I said in my previous post, in the event of a tie, I would draw the winner out of a hat, so this morning I put a cap from a bottle of Bell's Two Hearted Ale and one from a bottle of something from Samuel Adams into a hat and got Mrs Velkyal to draw one.

Out came the Bell's cap, which I had decided would make pale ale the winner, hence the new poll in the corner - having decided that we will be brewing a beer from the pale ale family, we now choose which one.

The poll is open for until Sunday night, on Monday I will publish the decision and we can start choosing hops and grains to use in the beer, I am looking to have the actual brew day sometime in early February.


  1. Looks like the APA is winning. May not be necessary now with the APA's strong lead, but how about a Belgian Pale Ale on the ballot?

  2. Go APA, but I'm probably biased. I'm brewing one up tomorrow.

    Good luck on the batch!

  3. It is starting to look like a one horse race for sure.

    To be honest, Belgian Pale Ale didn't cross my mind at all.


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