Friday, July 10, 2009

A Question for Homebrewers

Ok guys, some advice would be appreciated.

At the moment I go for the dry malt extract with specialty grains method of brewing , rather than all grain, although that is very much part of my plans for the near future (pointless side note, when I think of brewing, I always use the specialty instead of the British "speciality" - perhaps because all the homebrew books I have are American).

Looking at the various brands of dry malt extract out there, does anyone have a recommendation?

Cheers people.


  1. I pretty much use whatever I can get my hands on. Right now I'm using all liquid malt extract.

  2. Anything but definitely not Laaglander. It has too many unfermentables in it and you will always have a problem with high FG.
    I would also suggest that you always buy Light or ultra light DME and never the darker stuff. Rely on your specialty grains for color. You don't know what they actually used to get the color in the amber and dark DME.

  3. Is there a homebrew shop where you are Al? I would check there and just see what they have. I've mainly used liquid malt extract so I don't know much about DME. If you can't find a homebrew shop near you, one place that I use for mail-order has been

  4. There is one that has a very good website, but they only stock Muntons DME so I was wondering if anyone had other recommendations or if DME is much of a muchness.

  5. I think its much of a muchness. I used to use muntons and youngs I think but it is pretty much the same. I would say to the other guys using LME to try DME as from experience, you get a much fuller flavour from DME.

    Al I got my second All grain brew down from 9 hours last time to 8 hours yesterday and I had time to bottle the stout at the same time.

    I have to say the difference in quality of the wort is unbelievable so you will have a great time when you go All grain. I am hoping the finished product will be worth all the extra time. Plus its much cheaper brewing all grain than extract.


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