Friday, July 3, 2009

First Impressions - Supermarkets

I will admit it openly and unashamedly, I am a fan of American supermarkets, and have been since the first time I wandered around a fruit and veg section and saw the produce being automatically sprayed with water, to a soundtrack of thunder!

In the last couple of days we have been to a Walmart and a Kroger in Columbia and like a good homing pigeon I went straight to the beer aisle to see what was there. At Kroger there was a huge selection of brands that I already recognised; Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Ice and the like. There were however a few interesting beers:
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager
  • Sam Adams Summer Ale - the first beer I tried last time I came to the States
  • Sam Adams Light
  • Tap Room 21 Pale Ale
  • Tap Room 21 Amber Ale
  • Tap Room 21 Lager
Nestled however in a corner of the beer aisle was a little box of golden treasure, a six pack of Budvar, which will hopefully still be there later today, when I pop by. At Walmart it was a similar story, although they also had a variety pack from Sam Adams, and no Budvar. I walked out of Walmart with a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the Sam Adams variety pack and several bemused looks from people with trolleys loaded with Bud Light.


  1. Good call on the Sierra Nevada-- it's pretty hard to go wrong with that one.

    Have fun enjoying all the new American beers!

  2. Already started stocking up on the good stuff! As you can see from the Little Cellar Holdings things on the sidebar.

    I love Sierra Nevada, ever since I had one in Galway - it may well be my standard beer in the fridge.

  3. Was Galway the first time you had a Sierra Nevada? I have enjoyed (and sometimes not enjoyed for some reason) lots of Sierra Nevada when in the US.
    I am currently sipping a Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

    Enjoy the beer in the US, try some of the ones owned by larger breweries too like Michelob amberbock or Coors Blue moon.

  4. Yes Galway was my first Sierra Nevada, and if the rest of the range match up to the Pale Ale then I will have cases of the stuff floating around. I also plan to try the stuff from bigger breweries, and had AmberBock a couple of years back and want to try it in the light of greater experience. In fact I have no intention of being some kind of obtuse beer snob when exploring the market, and part of me is quite looking forward to trying some Bud Light - for old time sake!!!


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