Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I Didn't Expect

I think the technical phrase for the jolly little surprises that come your way in life when you cross the ocean to take up a new life is "culture shock". I have been having it in spades in the last couple of weeks, and in almost every possible situation; pleasant immigration officers at Atlanta airport (those of you who have dealt with the Czech Foreign Police will no doubt know to what I refer); shops with nine million flavours of yogurt, but only one plain white; churches as ubiquitous as pubs in Prague; the feeling of not really being so "velky" after all; the list could go on and on.

A couple of things though stick in my mind, I will deal with the negative first off. Yesterday Mrs V and I went to her aunt's for dinner, as they don't drink we obviously weren't going to buy a bottle of vino as a gift, so in to Walmart we jaunted for a bunch of flowers. Walmart is another culture shock after 10 years of soul destroying Tesco - the variety of almost everything available is mind boggling at times, and the fact that someone packs your shopping bags for you and wishes you a pleasant day, a welcome change from the sour cashier in the Tesco on Narodni asking if you have a note smaller than 200kč, the near equivalent of $10.

The nasty shock though is Walmart's new alcohol sales policy - anyone who looks under the age of 40 must provide ID in order to walk away with their favourite tipple. Thankfully I keep a form of ID on me, but I find it remarkable that for 19 years after coming of age, people will be required to prove they are legally allowed to buy alcohol. No doubt Walmart and many of their ilk will cite insurance policies and the inevitable criminal prosecutions that would follow selling alcohol to minors, but if you are going to have such a ridiculous policy, why make someone who is clearly over 21 produce ID like some wannabe under-age booze baron? What happened to innocent until proven guilty, to trusting people to use their discretion?

The positive shock though was on going to Green's Warehouse Store to see what lovely crafty beer goodness they had, and seeing beers from a raft of my favourite British brewers; BrewDog and Wychwood to name but two. But on one aisle I found several Czech lagers that I hadn't expected to see in a million years, including Žatec, B.B. Burgerbrau (from the original brewery in Budweis! hint: it isn't Budvar) and Staropramen. Happily though, Budvar seems to be quite readily available, so when I have the urge to drink a good lager again I know I can get hold of something worthwhile.

Perverse as it may sound, I was actually quite glad to see the presence of Staropramen in the USA as it allows me to do a couple of taste tastings comparing the worst of Czech mainstream lager with the mainstream lagers here, the likes of Budweiser, Miller and Coors - masochistic I am sure, but certainly worth it for interest's and comedy's sake.


  1. I look forward to the Great Macroswill Taste-off.

  2. Welcome to post-prohibition and neo-prohibition insanity. Wait until you visit a state where you cannot even purchase alcohol everywhere because you have to be in a "wet" area. That one always seems to blow the minds of visitors.

  3. Michael,

    Been there, done that - Mrs V's uncle lives in Chimney ROck, dry as a bone, so everyone goes to neighbouring Lake Lure (where they filmed Dirty Dancing).

  4. "anyone who looks under the age of 40 must provide ID"

    I'm OK then.

    Actually, in a liquor store in Oregon I was asked for ID, but that was for "hard" liqour, when apparently it's the law that they ask everybody, even old gits like me.

  5. I second what the Beer Nut said-- I would love to see a post comparing Staropramen and Budweiser, Coors, etc. Hell, throw Stella in the mix as well. And maybe Pabst too. I feel like everyone has so many opinions about those beers and most of us haven't actually drank them in years, so it would be interesting to see which one(s) are actually fairly drinkable.

  6. Jay,

    exactly my point! I think a lot of people slagging Budweiser for example have had one in donkeys (if at all) and simply slag it because it is from a big brewer. The week of industrial lager is shaping up to be fun!


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