Monday, April 20, 2009


Tomorrow my friend Saruman and his wife are coming over from Ireland for a very extended weekend stay - I was originally going to say Mrs Saruman, but that would mess up my view of Tolkien's great work completely, plus can you imagine doing the housework at Isengard?

Of course every opportunity to pop into places for a pint must be taken, whether we are in Prague or down south in Moravia - we are planning to go to the karst cave systems just outside Brno, and go to Brno itself, though I doubt I will be trying the Starobrno as it gives me a minging headache the morning after.

I am also hoping to do some tasting sessions with him in the flat, perhaps a Czech Republic vs Ireland in the Stout Cup, as well as a range of Baltic Porters. Mrs Velkyal and I have both taken Thursday and Friday off, so if the weather holds, it should be a fantastic weekend!


  1. Go to Pegas in Brno! I loved their lager when we had about a year and a half ago. Beer there is served in .6 liter glasses.

  2. That is on the list of places to go to for sure.


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