Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buggered Back Buggers Bottling

I have spent the last few days lying on the floor. Not as a result of indulging in too much strong ale, but rather as a result of having sciatica, which flared up on Sunday morning and is still giving me sufficient gip that I need to stand up and walk for a few minutes quite regularly - a big relief after being unable to stand up at all on Sunday.

Thus my plans to bottle the second carboy of LimeLight were put on hold, though I am fairly confident that the extra time in the carboy won't do any significant damage to the beer. If all goes well, I will be inducting Mrs Velkyal into the Fuggled Brewery Union of Bottlers and other Sundried Enablers over the next day or so.

Having taken a couple of days hoilday to lie about on the floor watching House M.D. I was quite relieved to get back to work this morning, albeit that the walk from the bus stop nearest the office took 15 minutes instead of the usual 5.

Mrs Velkyal has suggested buying a cane for me.


  1. You are getting old, mate :)
    Rub some domáci slivovice on the affected area and drink the rest. That should work out just fine, one way or another...

  2. I am planning to keep the home made slivovice for a party in the States when I ge there. My back can wait just to see the look on people's faces with the stuff I have in the flat.

  3. Hope you feel better, old-timer. Bring some homebrew when you come Stateside!


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