Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love My Budvar

I don't generally drink on Tuesday nights. last night though Mrs Velkyal, myself and the Sarumans went to Budvarka to meet up with my photographer friend, his wife and their 2 week old son.

Budvarka is, as far as I am aware, the only place in Prague which has the complete range of Budvar beers on tap, including the lovely dark lager and their kroužkovaný, a krausened lager which I very much enjoy. If I remember rightly they don't have their stronger offering, Bud, on tap, but after several too many drinks last night I am not entirely sure about that.

When we got back to our shoebox which passes for a flat - one of the topics of conversation last night was how Mrs Velkyal and I will cope with a bigger flat having got used to being able to just turn around and talk without wondering where each other is - I opened the final two bottles of EDM 13, which were about 6 weeks old by this point. What a lovely beer that stuff was, I will definitely be trying to make that again in the future, though I will have to design a recipe rather than use a beer kit. I also opened a bottle of EDM 10 just to see how it was, and rather than the sour abomination I was expecting, it was rather smooth and drinkable - certainly better than I feared.

Tonight we will be continuing Saruman's real Czech beer education somewhere, haven't decided yet and then tomorrow we are off to Moravia for an overnight trip.


  1. Can I ask novice question? Does Budvar in CZ taste the same as Czechvar in the states? I would love to try the real thing but it just won't happen soon enough.

  2. Michael,

    that's a question I'll have to get back to you on, once I move to the States and have found a supplier.

  3. And now that you are in the States: How is Budvar in Prague compared to Czechvar in the USA?


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