Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picture Time

One of the guys I go for a drink with fairly regularly is Rob, a graphic designer and all round good egg. Yesterday while catching up with my emails from having been out of the office for a couple of days, I noticed than Rob had sent me something interesting, a label for LimeLight, which you can see below and I think is fantastic!

Also announced earlier in the week, it is amazing how much stuff you miss when flat on your back, were the winners of BrewDog's photo competition. I submitted a couple of pictures and decided that I would share them with everyone now that the winners have been declared.

Not as good as the winners for sure, but I like them.


  1. Is indeed, you should check out his blog and labels he has done for a brewery in England.

  2. starting to photo beer bottles eh, beer geekdom is truly upon you:)

  3. Yes Ian, geekdom is here, but I only took the pictures for the competition, honest guv.

    Dave, thanks! I think the Paradox picture is my favourite.


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