Friday, October 31, 2008

Beer Hero of the Week

I am something of a cynic when it comes to marketing, so when I see companies raving on about how they brew beer that their customers want I tend to think either:

  • said customers have no taste in beer
  • marketeers are liars - actually I think that about marketeers in general regardless of industry
As I was perusing the beers available on BeerRitz I came across plenty of breweries I had never heard of, naturally requiring me to check out their websites. One that I enjoyed reading a lot was that of the Bradfield Brewery near Sheffield, in particular the page entitled "Your Beer?".

Here is a brewery who actually want to hear what kind of beers their customers want, and rather than giving us an "info" email address to contact they have a form which is easy to fill in and clearly presented.

That is why my Beer Hero of the Week is:

The Bradfield Brewery.

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