Monday, November 3, 2008

Breakfast Beer

No, don't worry I am not about to join the workers at 06.30 in the morning at the railway station having their morning Staropramen and Becherovka, but today does see my re-introduction to the world of beer drinking after my, slightly failed, two week fast. Most of the weight I gained from beer and caramel slice during my trip to Oxford has gone, so I guess it was a success, if somewhat annoying.

My original plan had been to plunge straight on into something full bodied and with a good ABV, such as the bottle of Fuller's 1845 which has been sitting staring at me for about ten days. Prior to that it was nicely hidden behind the portable heater at one end of the flat, but with winter coming and Mrs Velkyal's inevitably frozen toes, it needed to move, revealing my Little Cellar in all its tempting glory.

However on hearing news that a pub just round the corner from me now has permanent tap for Pivovar Kocour Varnsdorf, I decided to break my fast with the stout they are currently serving. Thus it will be straight from work to meet up with Evan and Pivní Filosof for a couple of jars.

It is good to be off the wagon and running with the dogs again.

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