Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Liquid Lunch

Something I have not done in a long time is have a liquid lunch, however I had to meet up with Pivní Filosof to give him a bottle of BrewDog's prototype wheat beer, so we met up in Zlý Časy and had a couple of pints while we were at it.

The highlight of the lunch was the magnificent Hukvaldy 14º amber lager, and what a pint it was! The glass placed in front of me was filled with a beautiful dark brown beer topped by a tight knit white head that basically stopped any aromas getting through, although as the head lessened there was a distinct toffee touch to the nose. Drink this stuff was pure nectar, like sticky toffee pudding in a glass, smooth, sweet and with a fragrant bitterness which offset the sweetness perfectly.

If only every lunchtime were so good.

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