Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Excellent News

Whilst reading Beer Culture, I came across a comment which has filled me with happiness.

Pivovar Kocour Varnsdorf, that myself, Evan and Pivní Filosof rave on about now have their first permanent tap in Prague.

The tap is at Tlustá Koala on Senovažná, they currently have the excellent stout available, and the beer will change every fortnight.

Here's looking forward to Kocour getting the far wider acknowledgement that their ground breaking beers deserve!


  1. Mmm, interesting, but why that place, seem to be targeting tourists, i wonder how much a pint will cost, i reckon 40kc, with surly service on top.

  2. I think some credit has to be given to Koala for taking the step to go beyond what they sell in there.

    As regards surly service, many pubs in the centre of Prague suffer from that particular problem, not just the tourist haunts.

  3. That's a bit dangerous for you, isn't it? Very close to your flat. :)

  4. It is indeed - but what is life without a little danger? I quite like Koala to be honest, yes it is a bit dingy and touristy but as central pubs go it ain't too bad.

  5. Just went past today, says 29kc for the Kocour, not sure if its a small one, but they have it already.
    Had a smoked beer from Chyne at Zly Casy today, very nice.

  6. They charge 29Kc for 0,3l serving. I think it is not that "bad" for such a

    Why this place? Is it easy to explain. As a microbrewery we dont have cash to pay the pubs/restaurants what they usually asks. So I am quite happy that there is at least one place that is "brave" enough to try unusual beers.
    Honza, Pivovar Kocour


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