Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking shape

As I am sure I have mentioned several times on here, in a couple of weeks I am heading to Ireland for a long weekend just before my birthday. I have never been to Ireland before and am really looking forward to it - not just for the opportunity to try out a few places like The Porterhouse and Messrs Maguire, but also because I have something of a fascination with Ireland in general (well ok then, I have a weakness for girls with a Connemara accent!).

We will be staying with friends of Mrs Velkyal in a village called Rochfortbridge in County Westmeath, so hopefully we'll avoid some of the tourist traps of Dublin and get to see the real Ireland a wee bit - whenever we travel we like to go to the places locals hang out in rather, my sincerest hope for the afternoon of the 15th is to find a good pub to watch the rugby in (unless someone reading this has 4 tickets going spare for the game at Croke Park and an overwhelming urge to let my lovely American wife continue her rugby education!).

As a result of the planning for this trip to Ireland, I have decided to make November my Dark Beers Month - as you can see from my Little Cellar Holdings list on the side of this page I have stocked up on a few bits and pieces, and plan to bring a couple back with me. Obviously I won't be drinking purely stout and porters for the month, but will also include dark beers from the Czech Republic and anywhere else I can get my hands on.


  1. Hmmm, I think you'll be stuck with the regular offerings of Draught Guinness, Heino and the usual suspects in Westmeath. The county hasn't featured on our list of places to get Irish Craft Beers over on ICB.

    Hold on, I've just noticed you said the 15th! November, right? I'm arriving in Dublin that day to visit the family and friends for the week, so if you want to come along to a brewers tasting evening in the Bull and Castle on the following Thursday, and meet a bunch of home brewers from ICB, and the infamous TheBeerNut, in one of Dublin's best beer bars then let me know. I'll be bringing some of my own brews along, so hopefully it's still on! :D

    Either way, we could link up for a pint in the places you mention and the B&C. :)

  2. We are only in Ireland for a few days - arrive on the 13th and fly out again on the 17th. We are however planning to spend the 17th itself in Dublin before getting our flight back to Prague - so perhaps lunch in the Porterhouse or similar?

  3. Oh, I think I could manage that! And TheBeerNut is usually good for a lunchtime pint, even when he's working. I'd recommend the B&C for lunch though. Greaf beef from their own farm and all that...

    Sure drop me a mail at

    Sorry, paranoid about spammers. :D


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