Thursday, March 24, 2016

#IHP2016 Brewday Reminder

How time flies....seems like only yesterday that those who voted in the International Homebrew Project poll decided to make a stab at creating a new beer style, the American Mild Ale. Thus the time for brewing our beers is almost upon us, with May just 5 weeks away.

I am planning on brewing my beer next weekend, and have already written about my planned recipe in a previous post.

There were 23 people who wanted to brew an American Mild, if you are one of them, add details of your beer and brewing schedule to the comments below so I can get a sense of who is doing what.

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  1. I brewed my American Mild yesterday. Brewed 3 gals using the BIAB method. The grain bill was, 4lbs of US 2 Row and .8 lbs of Crystal Malt (20). I used .7 oz of Williamette hops at 60 minutes and .3 oz of Liberty at 5 minutes. Original Gravity came out at 1.036. The Mild should (hopefully) have and ABV of 3.6%. And the yeast I used was Safale US-05. I'll let it ferment for about 1 week then rack it to a secondary fermenter for 2 weeks and then bottle. Should be ready on 1 May. Can't wait....but guess I'll have too.


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