Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Litigation Suggestions

It seems as though there is a bunch of people out there who are either dense or need to be found in contempt of court for wasting the time of lawyers, judges, et al for utterly ridiculous litigation proceedings.

The latest is some guy in Miami who claims confusion because he thought Leffe was brewed at an abbey in Belgium, and thus Anheuser-Busch are misleading consumers, despite the fact that this relationship has existed in some form or another since 1952 and royalties are still paid to the abbey, facts that are readily available to anyone with access to a handy website called Google.

It is in the spirit of being a disingenuous jerk then that I would like to offer my a laundry list of potential lawsuits against craft brewers for misleading the drinking public:
  • Any brewery outside Plzen that makes a Pilsner - how am I supposed to know that these pilsners aren't the real thing?
  • Brewers such as Devils Backbone that don't make Vienna lager in Austria.
  • Any non-Belgian brewery making Belgian ales outside of Belgium - think Allagash
  • Brewers that make an Irish stout without being in Ireland - Victory beware!
  • Brewers from outside Cologne brewing Kolsch
You get the drift. These kind of lawsuits such a glorious waste of space and time it is tempting to file suit against people that file such suits for giving the rest of the beer drinking world a bad name.

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