Monday, March 21, 2016

For Marketers

I am not sure if fellow bloggers have been suffering from the same rash I have of late, but I wanted to check nonetheless. Said rash usually starts with the words 'I found your blog.....', following by some indiscriminate praise about the awesomeness of one's blog, and then an offer to provide content for said blog. I may have taken a short term view to the rash, and simply applied the topical cream of the delete button in my gmail account, but the damned thing just keeps on coming back, so I figured I'd try to address the problem in a more heads on manner.

If you're not one of my regular readers, but rather some content marketing wonk, or someone offering affiliate marketing opportunities, do me a favour and look thoroughly over the right rail. There are are three elements that could be described as 'ads', one for American Mild Month, one for the Pocket Pub Guide to Prague, which are my own damned projects anyway, and one for Prague Beer Garden, which has been there for ages and was a reciprocal thing for a new site just getting off the ground a few years back, no money or benefits ever changed hands. Otherwise, Fuggled is an advertising free zone, always has been, always will be. I don't do this to try and make money, I am not interested in living off the proceeds of advertising. Also, there are only two types of people whose words will ever get on the pages of this blog, me and people I ask to write a guest post.

So.... please, please, please don't bother emailing me asking if you can provide content for Fuggled, or if I am interested in having your advertising on the site. You can not, and I am not. End of story, Full stop. Simple. Also, if I don't respond to your first email, I am highly unlikely to reply to your second, or third, so stop wasting your time on sending them.

In other news, I enjoyed plenty of good beer this weekend, highlight being my homebrew stout - it's a cracker, so here's a picture!


  1. I used to get a fair few of those, then the rash cleared up. I understand it's a standard part of tech and beauty/fashion blogging, but I can't think of any beer blog that carries that sort of sponsored content. Do they even exist?

  2. Depends on your definition of sponsored. Gushing over the all expenses paid junket is as much a value transfer as a cheque in the mail.

  3. Never been on one of those either, or invited for that matter. Though I see your point, it does irk at times when people gush over, as an example, Pilsner Urquell, while simultaneously bitching about SABMiller, without owning the fact the the former is the Czech wholly owned subsidiary of the latter.

  4. I'm bottling my Stout today, can't wait to taste it!!

  5. I occasionally get some of this. I had one person recently contact me to write a guest post. I then googled the title he suggested and see he was successful at getting a number of sites to post his article - which he slightly changed for each publication. It is rather funny.

    Not sure how much mail you get from this site, but mine is rather few and far between so even if I don't respond or it is a silly request, its nice to see something :)


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