Friday, July 22, 2011

Into the Desert

After last week's minor mishap with holiday dates, we are finally on our way to Florida for the week. Mrs V and I drove down from Virginia to South Carolina yesterday, and will continue down to Daytona Beach today for the annual week at the beach.

Florida has been something of a disaster for me when it comes to finding decent artisan beer to refresh myself with next to the pool, and often I end up with a case of Samuel Adams Boston Lager or some such reliable tipple.

Thankfully a new bottle shop recently opened in Daytona Beach, so a quick visit there should hopefully yield some good stuff!


  1. Look out for Cigar City Brewing, especially Jai alai

  2. If you are in the Orlando area be sure to check out Knightly Spirits on Orange Blossom Trail. The biggest beer selection I have ever seen.


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