Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Substitute Post

I have something else on my mind right now, but I am struggling to find the words to properly explain how I feel about things in the beer world of late.

Tomorrow, Mrs Velkyal and I head down south for our annual holiday on the Atlantic coast of Florida, and my head is ready for a break.

I may post, I may not, I really haven't decided yet. Will I be going on a journey to find well regarded craft beer curios while I am away? I honestly don't know, more likely I will buy a case of Sam Adams Light and just switch off.

The best thing about beer isn't writing about it, tweeting about what I am drinking or even organising events, but rather just sitting with a beer and letting it be. The closest I can get to how I feel right now is this article from Chicago.

I particularly like this quote:

"Beer doesn’t have to be fussy, elitist and overcomplicated. That’s what wine is for. Beer should be for the rest of us: affordable, easy to enjoy, thirst slaking and confidence restoring".

I need a beer.


  1. What IS the American obsession with light beer!?

    Why would you drink Sam Adams light over regular sam adams? I seriously dont get it.

  2. Sam Adams Light isn't just a lower alcohol version of the Boston Lager, as would be the relationship between Bud and Bud Light, it is a unique beer in its own right - different colour, hopping, flavour profile.

    Light beer over here is really the equivalent of session beer back home.

  3. I too don't get the Sam Adams Light thing. For light beers, I would rather have a Michelob Ultra.

  4. I had incredible respect for you, Ash... until I read this:

    "I too don't get the Sam Adams Light thing. For light beers, I would rather have a Michelob Ultra."

    Now I know you don't REALLY mean that.

  5. For the past couple of months, I have decided to stop cherishing beers and realized that they are a drink. Not much more than that. This has really opened my eyes a bit, and has shown me what my "favorite" beers are- those that I can easily drink. Surprisingly, Rodenbach Grand Cru is easy to drink for me.

    As for SA Light, it is a great beach beer. Light, refreshing, tastes good. Perfect. And have a nice vacation.

  6. Go take a break and have fun. Drink beer, Sam Adams Light or otherwise. As with beer, blogging is supposed to be enjoyable. When it's not, it's time to stop clear the old melon.

    Have fun in FLA.


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