Friday, July 8, 2011

Choice Brewer of the Week Quotes

I am in the process of lining up some more Brewer of the Week interviews, but in the meantime I was reading some of the interviews that have already taken place and wanted to share some choice quotes from them:

"When you combine that [the smell of hand smoked malt] with the other malts in the mash tun on a cold winter morning, it’s pretty easy to understand why brewers do what they do."

- Jeff Rosenmeier, Lovibonds Brewery, England

"Authenticity isn't important, its about being innovative and creating something that people want to drink."

- Mark Tetlow, Everards Brewery, England

"Authenticity is extremely important! When I make a beer and put it out into the world with a label on it, it has to be right! Craft brewers are held to strong guidelines set forth by the brewing community. I want to mirror those guidelines as best I can."

- Tom Davis, Thomas Creek Brewing, USA

"choosing which beer to drink at any particular moment is intuitive, so as long as you let that happen it’ll always be your favourite beer because if it’s hitting the spot there’s no room to think of any other."

- Eddie Gadd, Gadd's, England

"I think it is very important for a brewer to drink their beer in the pub with their friends. This will enable them to understand what it is that people like about their beer, it will lead to great satisfaction that other people enjoy your beer and that will drive you on to produce even better beers."

- John Keeling, Fullers, England

"We were in a bible study and started brewing beer four years ago as a way to get to know each other better."

- Jonathan Baker, Monday Night Brewing, USA

"I always had an interest in beer ever since visiting Germany as a school boy and seeing the variety available there."

- Aidan Murphy, Galway Hooker, Ireland

"the brew system was made with scrap metal and old milk tanks."

- Kjetil Jikiun, Nøgne Ø, Norway

"I find a great many porters are nothing more than feeble stouts. Fuller's porter doesn't try to do that. It gives a dark beer flavour without any sharp roasted notes. It's mellow with a unique brown malt smokiness."

- Thomas Prior, Trouble Brewing, Ireland

"I think craft beer is largely about enjoying the local flavor, originality and creativity of your neighborhood brewers."

- Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King, USA

"What else can a person with a history degree and a minor in philosophy do?"

- Jason Oliver, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, USA

"What is a non-authentic beer? If the result is delicious then I'm more than happy!"

- Kasper Larsen, Nørrebro Bryghus, Denmark

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  1. How about this one:

    "I am making reference of course to some of those micro brewery beers that are so over hopped they are just the reverse of what they try to be. They are not “crafted” beers but uncrafted beers produced by amateurs!"

    Paul Jeffries, Hydes Brewery Manchester UK



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