Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who Knows?

I am hoping this is an international phenomena, but could somebody please tell pub owners that having a net presence is a very smart move?

Whenever Mrs Velkyal and I go on our trips I like to do some research for pubs to go to, local beers to try and so on. Obviously with big brewers like Fuller's they have a section on their site listing their pubs, although I wonder why the pubs themselves don't have their own sites - especially as basic information site is cheap and easy to maintain.

You don't need to make some fancy pants website using dynamic languages such as php, a nice simple yet informative html set-up will do nicely.

What do I want to know:
  • Opening hours
  • What's on tap? (and if you are in the free trade keep it up to date)
  • Is there food?
  • Any special events?
  • How to get there
No wonder pubs are going to the wall they fail to advertise their existence. Thank God for the CAMRA database, but even that should just be a starting point.


  1. I agree. but although it is easy to update web information, it often gets overlooked. And at my pub this often happens.

    Just to add to it, right now I'm abroad and I haven't got FTP software on my lap top Doh!

    My advice thought, is to have a blog. It's easier to update than HTML web sites, and I can do mine on the road (When the damn hotel WIFI works) Some pubs have very good web sites that are only blogs.

  2. You are right, a blog is very simple to set up, easy to maintain and update and gives your business a very low-cost presence.

    The problem then becomes one of getting knowledge of your blog, and hence your business, out and about in cyberspace.

    Wiki software also gives great possiblitities.

  3. I'll second that. It's so easy to have a website. It frequently annoys me.


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