Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Price Value?

At work last week, my line manager turns to me and says:

“Al, you have a beer blog, don’t you?”

“Indeed” I replied.

Thus I came to be in possession of a can of Tesco Value Beer, with a request to write about it, so here goes.

Made in Poland, with an ABV of 3.5% and only four listed ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast – good start so far. It even looked as a lager should do, pale golden with a foamy white head, although that soon disappeared to leave a few large white patches on the top of the beer which for a moment made me think that the beer had a bad case of eczema. The tell tale smell of a god awful beer was the first thing to hit my nose, dish soap, although there was also a faint maltiness which suggested actually malt may once have gone through the same factory as this can of “beer”. Drinking it was possibly the biggest mistake I made, it was simply disgusting, worse even than the dreaded dark beer from Ů Pražský Most na Valsů. After one mouthful the remaining 400 and something milliliters were tipped down the sink.

Who drinks this stuff? Seriously, next time you see someone in Tesco with this foul abomination in their trolley or basket, consider it an act of civic duty to warn them that their choice of beer is abysmal and if they really want something to drink, to stick to mineral water. Alternatively, give them the difference in price between Tesco Value and something worth drinking and hope you make a convert to the cause of real beer.


  1. they should put some some ladies in bikinis on the label

  2. Do Tennants still do the cans with the ladies on them? Man were they sad...

  3. "Who drinks this stuff?" You would be surprised how many people do. I would bet on the same people that eagerly buy Měsťan, Lahvač, Ambrosia, those exclusive Lidl Pils and other luminaries of the Czech cheap beer underworld.

  4. I like how it's simply called.... "Beer."

  5. I was given a can of Londis (chain of small corner shops) own-brand 'Premium Lager' about six months ago. Bit of research revealed it was Kaltenberg Hell, licence-brewed in Lancashire by Thwaites. It's actually really good, and a bit of a bargain. I haven't dared try their own-brand 'ordinary' lager. Yet.

  6. The best part is that it is only 3.5% ABV. That means you can drink a LOT of them. Awesome.


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