Friday, September 5, 2008

Beer hero of the week.

I have decided that each week, or rather each week I remember, I am going to post comments from various beer blogs, brewery websites and the like which I find worthwhile. I spend quite a bit of time looking at the websites of the smaller breweries around the world, working out how to get hold of their wares, for example I am going to Oxford in a few weeks and plan to have a few cases of ales shipped to my brother's house for consumption.

This week's Beer Hero of the Week is the Colonsay Brewery. Possibly because Colonsay is not so far from home but most likely because I just like the way these guys think, but I will be ordering a mixed case of beers to be savoured, and maybe one or two will find their way to Prague.

Anyway, ladies and gentleman - I give you the thoughts of the Colonsay Brewery:

"Our brewery is known in the trade as a five barrel plant and produces 1700 pints during each cycle. Note the use of the word PINT.

Call us old fashioned but we are committed to pints. The day people go into a Highland bar and ask for a quarter litre of beer and a 35 ml malt to chase it down is the day this brewery will be converted to the production of seaweed soup. We are a nation of beer drinks and we want a pint – not some short measure of half a litre or nonsense like that."


  1. great idea for posts "beer hero of the week", looking forward to getting a glimpse into the beer scene on the other side of the globe this way!

    So this is kinda off topic but do you have any recipes for pivni syr?


  2. If you can finder a supplier of the cheese itself that would be a good start - I will try to find out if there is an equivalent cheese in the US, but once you have the cheese just mach it up with some mustard, onions, paprika and a splash of whatever beer you are drinking at the time, spread it on fresh bread and enjoy.


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