Friday, September 19, 2008

Beer Hero of the Week

As I bimbled about on the internet on Monday, I came across the Wadworth Brewery in Wiltshire.

I was immediately drawn to the tab on the menu bar for "Shire Horses".

Being something of a fan of doing things in the traditional manner, and keeping alive old fashioned things I have to admit a liking for the idea of beer being delivered on a dray pulled by a team of Clydesdale horses, although I guess in England Shires would have to do!

Thus I wondered which other breweries regularly delivered their beer to pubs using a horse and dray, as well as employing horsemen. I came across just the one other, feel free to correct me if I wrong here.

So my Beer Heroes of the Week are:

Wadworth Brewery and Hook Norton Brewery.


  1. I have to put you right BUT Wadworth are the only people who deliver beer using shires on a regular basis. ie daily.

    Brian Yorston
    Head Brewer Wadworth

  2. Hey there Brian - thanks for the correction. I will be in the UK in a few weeks, and have found a pub close to my brother's place in Bicester selling Wadworth beers, much looking forward to trying them.


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