Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Know A Craft Beer?

In the right rail, just there beneath the section about my other couple of blogs (pop over and have a read of them sometime - though they aren't updated as often as here) is a link to a survey that I created yesterday (and fixed several times).

It's very quick, probably less than 2 minutes, and I will write something about the results in a week or so.

I would be thrilled if you clicked the link and completely the survey, right


  1. Taken.

    Answering the questions made me realize how important I consider the setting to be for the term. To me, it's hard to divorce "craft" from the idea of "small brewer in America." Are Franconian family breweries "craft" brewers? Are centuries-old English breweries? It seems like the term might have been specific to a place and time, and not applicable absolutely everywhere.

  2. I've done the same.

    Evan's remarks are well-taken (excellent article on Berlin beer scene in NYT by the way). In an English setting, I'd argue now that it means the American/NZ hop taste and a handful of "different" beers (e.g. flavoured, or wheat styles). But it will mean different things in different places, to be sure.


  3. I gave me take. Some of the beers I ashamedly wasn't aware of so I wasn't able to really say whether I considered them craft or not craft

  4. I agree with Evan.

    That said, to me a beer/brewery is craft when the person who sells it tells me so, it's pointless to argue about a brand.

  5. Um... there's no "none of the above" option in the first question.


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