Friday, May 13, 2011

Help Heal Broken Bones

Earlier this week, Jason Oliver of Devils Backbone posted that his assistant, Aaron Reilly (in the black shirt below), had broken his foot and would be off work for a while.

It turns out that the break will require surgery to fix it, and so Aaron will be off work for several months, and have medical bills to pay.

The guys at Devils Backbone have decided to help offset the costs of Aaron's surgery by donating a portion of the earnings for Aaron's brew which is currently gracing the taps at the brewpub, Reilly's Rye. For each pint sold, they will donate 25 cents and $1 for each growler.

Reilly's Rye is a really nice beer, and Aaron is a fine gent with a passion for beer. So if you are heading to Devils Backbone anytime soon, please drink many pints of Reilly's Rye, fill your growlers with it and help offset some of the bills that will be coming Aaron's way.

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