Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decanting Dissolution Dubbel

As I mentioned on Monday, I spent Saturday up in Fredericksburg bottling the first beer produced by the Broederschap Brouwerij project. A quick recap about the beer, basically we brewed a straight down the line Belgian Dubbel, which we called Dissolution Dubbel. If you are interested in the recipe, you can see it here. On the day we brewed 10 gallons, which were then kegged and carbonated over a couple of weeks, and so Saturday was all about drinking the beer, bottling up a case each for Eric and myself to take home, and preparing some bottles for upcoming competitions, including the Dominion Cup on August 13th.

James took the picture above when he transferred the beer from primary to kegs, and over than being clearer and having a good inch of foamy white head, that's a good representation of the beer. As for the beer itself, well, the nose is a melange of ripe bananas, general fruitiness and a firm herbal and grassy hoppiness, with a hint of lemon which I am putting down to the Saaz. Tastewise it was bready and sweet fruit, like raisins, with a long, long, dry finish. Considering it boasts 7.5% abv, the alcohol was nicely integrated and just a touch warming. Overall then we were very happy with the way this beer turned out, and I am looking forward to taking some down to the next meeting of my local homebrew club, not to mention drinking plenty at home.

The label at the top of this post was drawn by a friend of James' and is rather apt in many ways, but if you look carefully at the three monks leaving the monastery, they are all carrying beer. I guess the next thing to do is start planning the next beer for the ongoing Broederschap Brouwerij!

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