Wednesday, February 23, 2011

International Homebrew Project - Reminder

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted the recipe for the International Homebrew Project recreation of a 1933 Barclay Perkins Milk Stout. Hopefully everyone who has told me that they are planning to brew the beer on the given date have already got their ingredients. I got most of mine from Northern Brewer, who very helpfully have both amber and brown malt available. Unfortunately they didn't have Caramel 75, so like James over at A Homebrew Log, I switched that for Caramel 80.

As I said in the recipe post, the brew day is to be the first weekend in March, so for ease of viewing, here is the proposed schedule:
  • March 5/6 - Brew the beer
  • March 19/20 - Bottle the beer
  • April 9/10 - Sample the beer
  • Monday April 11th - Blog about the beer
That's the plan people!


  1. NB Crystal "75L":

    Looking forward to brewing this one...

  2. Thanks for that. I am looking forward to brewing this one as well, especially as it will be my first partial mash!


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