Friday, January 14, 2011

A Glass of the Peapod?

With less than 16 hours to go until the International Homebrew Project polls shut, it looks as though those of us who take part in the project will be brewing:
  • a milk stout
  • single hopped with Fuggles
  • based on a historical recreation
Of course, there is still time for a Liverpool in Istanbul style comeback (that still gives me goosebumps 6 years on - great night, and I turned up for a job interview the next morning reeking of booze and not caring whether or not I got the job - I didn't get the job) on the part of either of the porter contenders in the poll, and possibly the Challenger/Goldings option on the hop front. It would though take a serious turn of the tide for the historical recreation to be overturned, stranger things have happened mind.

One thing I would like to include in the project is an extra blog post. On the first Monday in February, the 7th to be precise, I would like to ask everyone who brewed for this project, to write about their brewday and put a link to their post in a comment to my post on that day. This is so I can get a firm idea of how many people have taken part. There have been about 25 votes for each of the polls, so I would like to see about that many brewing posts.

On a different homebrew note, I will be brewing again tomorrow morning in order to get all three of my carboys busy with beer. Having been slack about brewing my Thanksgiving barleywine, I will be rectifying that and have a preliminary recipe of:
  • 6lbs Light DME
  • however much Special Roast I have left
  • maybe some Caramel 40
  • a touch perhaps of Chocolate malt
  • definitely no peated malt for this one
  • Admiral and Northern Brewer hops for bittering
  • EKG for flavour and aroma
  • Whitbread or Nottingham ale yeast - both are dry yeasts.
Never let it be said that I am anything other than thoroughly scientific!

Have a good weekend people.

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