Monday, January 3, 2011

International Homebrew Project 2011

Last January I organised the International Homebrew Project, whereby readers of this blog decided on a beer recipe to brew and then blog about. Due to various misfortunes, only myself and James from A Homebrew Log actually brewed and blogged about the American Pale Ale which was the chosen beer.

This year I want to do better, and so I am getting the ball rolling now. Over the coming weeks, I will post a series of polls to decide the following:
  • beer style
  • hops to use
  • yeast
My proposed schedule for actually brewing the beer and writing about it is something like this:
  • February 5th/6th - brew
  • February 19th/20th - bottle
  • Week beginning March 13th - blog
In the sidebar then you can see a poll, to decide the main beer style to be brewed, the poll is open until Friday. 


  1. I still feel guilty for not being able to do it last year. Haven't brewed in over six months now (seven maybe!), and not sure if our (temporary) new apartment has a suitable place for fermenting yet. *sigh*

  2. as a new homebrewer, I will put this on my schedule

  3. I'm in! I don't blog, but why should that stop me?

  4. You could always resurrect Cville Beer Geek!

  5. Great idea!! If only I homebrewed...

  6. Sounds great, but availability of the same ingredients could be an issue.

  7. How dare you get me so excited so soon after Santa's visit!

    Am comprehensively on board!

  8. Atis,

    That is part of the joy of the project, how locally available ingredients can impact the beer.

  9. Count me in this time. I don't think I have anything to interfere with it.

  10. Flagon of Ale, Tale of Ale,

    Welcome on board! The more the merrier!!

  11. Well... see... I could do that, but it would be wrong, because the geek was someone else. ;)


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