Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simple Algebeera

Pilsner ≠ light beer
Pilsner ≠ Bud/Miller/Coors
Pilsner ≠ over hopped Bud
Pilsner ≠ any old pale lager

Pilsner = triple decoction mashing
Pilsner = only Saaz hops
Pilsner = malty backbone with hoppy bite
Pilsner = minimum 30 days lagering

Questions? No? Good.


  1. Just to be a pain in the arse, what about German Pilsner?

  2. Still steaming over that Ur-Pils review?

  3. On the subject of decoction, what do you think of this? :)

  4. I agree entirely with Jason in the original post.

  5. Shit, I should have read Jason's piece before asking :D I have to admit, I'm not sure I like the German preoccupation with decoction, as I don't think it's necessary for everything (and it seems like it's used for everything here, not that I can back that up with hard facts). Although I dislike fundamentalism of any sort.

  6. I guess I am a Pilsner fundamentalist in many ways - or at least I want those beers laying claiming to the name "pilsner" to at least be a close approximation of the original.

  7. I remember years ago, my late father in law had some Miller High life in the fridge. I was thirsty and asked if it was any good? Clearly it was a light beer... his response was "Well, it's a Pilsner". I took it to mean that because it was a Pilsner, that made it better than just an average light beer.
    As light beers go, not the worst I have to say but as beer in general goes? Yeah... nuff said.

  8. And as pilsners go, a downright abomination.

    This is perhaps the problem of pilsner in America, so few people actually know what one is.


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