Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heretic? Me?

As much as I love Guinness, I have always loved Murphy's more.

I have a four pack of cans to enjoy with myself tonight - perhaps I am a heretic, but every prospect pleases!

And a wee song to get you in the mood....


  1. Murphy's is beer. Guinness is barley flavored water.

  2. A Dutch beer and a British beer. Why the Irish music?

  3. I have not been drinking that many stouts in my life. Here in Norway I can find Guinness on cans more or less everywhere, and I like it a lot. Murphy is a stout I very seldomly see, but there is one local bar that sells it on tap. I agree. It is a really great beer.

    But I might have tasted an even better stout during my recent visit to the Czech Republic. Primator's stout was stunning. I really liked that one, and it was much superior to Guinness.

  4. Ah Beer nut, they are owned by a Dutch and British conglomerate respectively but are still originally Irish and still brewed here.
    Although if I am to be pedantic myself, instead of the Dubliners surely a band from Cork would be more apt for a post praising Murphys.. "The Langers"* springs to mind.

    The Chocolate malt in Murphys is quite nice and I often enjoy it ona trip to Cork.

    * "The langers" may or may not be a real band

  5. TBN,

    I am getting into the spirit of European Union internationalism! And let's not forget that the song they are singing is about Scotland.

    Beer Sagas,

    Primator's stout is indeed lovely, if usually served too cold in Prague.

  6. I'm with Saruman - the chocolate malt really makes it for me. I'd take it over Guinness or Beamish any time.


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