Friday, October 23, 2009

Nitro Nostalgia

As much as I would be classified as a "beer geek", or "beer anorak" if you prefer, I am not adverse to taking trips down beer memory lane, despite the fact there are more than several nights where the beer stole my memories entirely, although I would like to claim that the Scotch on top of the beer was to blame. I have mentioned on Fuggled before that before I moved to Prague from the UK, I drank ale instead of lager as a rule, beers like John Smith's, Murphy's and Caffrey's were my staple tipples.

If those beers weren't available then my back up plan was Boddington's, which I vaguely remember being available on draught in a few places in Birmingham, but when I moved back to the Highlands I could only get in cans. About a week ago I noticed that our local Food Lion was selling four packs of Bod for only $6.79, and so for purely nostalgic reasons I dropped a pack into the shopping trolley - sorry guys, "cart" just sounds wrong - they won't let me bring my horse into the shop to pull it.

Well it certainly still pours with the bubble cascade and thick, creamy white head I remembered so well - I was tempted to try the old Czech quality test and see if I could balance a coin on the head, it is said that being able to do so is a sign of a properly made beer. Whereas I used to enjoy watching the cascade, and though that the head was great, these days it just annoys me. Eventually though the head settled and I drank my Bod, and although it isn't great, it isn't that bad - I have certainly drunk far worse, and that from the "craft" beer world.

Probably one of the main contributing factors for a lad of my age drinking Boddington's back in the 90s was the advertising, with the lovely Melanie Sykes fronting a series of commercials based around the theme of Bod being the "Cream of Manchester", my favourite though stars Sarah Parish:


  1. Ha. I love this commercial. A bar here in Fredericksburg keeps Boddington's on tap. Every once in awhile I'll have one of those creamy concoctions.

  2. What coin would you use? English 5p?

  3. As I am living in the US, perhaps a dime would do the trick?

  4. Totally agree with the 'cart' thing. Personally, despite all my experience gathered in the intervening years, I can rarely resist having at least one pint of Tennent's whenever I'm back home in Troon. And Guinness as well. Brings back all the memories of uni. I draw the line at Carlsberg though...

  5. I used to love the 'Do you want a flake in that love?' ad for Bod's.

    Worthingtons and Bod's got me though many a night at Uni when it was either that or Carling out of a plastic pint glass!

  6. I remember that commercial. It was before my beer drinking days but it was great to see it again.

  7. I remember the advert too. Didn't Melanie Sykes get her break on another one?

    Last time I had this beer was in America a few years back. The guys I was drinking with thought it quite refined and sophisticated, being from England an' all. I didn't disagree, they paid for the beer and it would have been impolite to preach.


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