Monday, February 23, 2009

What's it called?

It was a question I wasn't expecting to be honest. Sat in U Buldoka on Saturday enjoying rather too many of the excellent Zlatá Labuť they had on tap. From my quick scan of the pub, the Zlatá Labuť was outselling the standard Pilsner Urquell by about 5 pints to 1.

"So what is it called?" - simple enough question, but not one I had really considered.

"What is what called?" - you can see my intuitive faculties aren't particularly sharp when I have had a few.

"Your beer, what are you going to call it?" - looks of impatience abound.

"erm...dunno" - great conversationalist me, eh?

So what will I call my first beer? Assuming of course that it isn't some foul tasting disaster. As Loyd Grossman would say when presenting Through the Keyhole, let's look at the evidence:
  • based on a dark mild extract
  • I used muscovado sugar
  • I added (hopefully) smoky flavour and aroma
  • fermented using Scottish ale yeast

Some thoughts for names:

  • Depths of Darkness
  • Highland Speakeasy

Any other suggestions?


  1. "My Midnight Mighty Muscy Mild"

    Sorry, been reading too much Dr. Seuss lately

  2. Not bad - especially given the paucity of the batch. One good session and it'll be gone, thus making the slurring of the name less of an issue. ;)

  3. I'm glad it's drinkable.
    It's one of the names I considered for mine.

  4. Or maybe something like "oh, that's not bad!"?

  5. The Sci-Fi Nerd in me is responsible for this, still I like it.

    How about: "Experimental Dark Matter"

  6. I like that big time!

    And the tech geek no doubt loves shortening it EDM.

  7. Unfortunately the surveyor in me can't see past "Electromagnetic Distance Measurement" :D

  8. In my line of work EDM means the eminently unsexy Electronic Document Management.


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