Monday, April 14, 2008

Equipment woes

The Czech Republic is a land famed for its beer - quite rightly so. However, it seems that a never ending supply of decent beer has stifled the initiative of people to brew their own - hence getting equipment is difficult.

But I am not one to be outdone. Was in a shop this morning and found 5 litre wine bottles for just 179kc (about 12 USD or 6 GBP). So I thought to myself, I will sling the wine down the sink (it is just some Italian stuff and at that price for 5 litres I doubt I will be going mental for it) and hey presto I have a carboy!

5 litres isn't a big batch, but I think it is just about right for a first stab at this.

So next up is sourcing the ingredients.....

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