Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Devils Backbone Sale - Initial Thoughts

So the Anheuser-Busch shopping spree continues...only this time it is much closer to home. News came through this morning that they have purchased Devils Backbone, a brewery very dear to my heart.

One of the first breweries Mrs V and went to when we relocated from Prague to Central Virginia was Devils Backbone, which had been open for a mere 8 months at that point. The beer was solid, the service maybe less so, but they were finding their feet and a few months later we went again for their 1 year anniversary, which also happened to be my birthday. The beer was great, and I knew then that I would drink a lot of Devils Backbone.

If you've followed Fuggled for a while now you will know that I have brewed on the brewpub kit a few times, firstly as an eager observer/mash digger outer for the Trukker Ur-Pils, then creating the recipe for Morana, a Czech dark lager that makes it's fourth appearance in a few weeks, and also recreating a London Dark Lager with Ron Pattinson.

I guess then people will be expecting a renting in twain of my robes, and the liberal application of ashes to my head in mourning. People will be disappointed. I have met Steve and Heidi a few times around the brewery, I would count Jason as a friend, and have had drinks from time to time with Hayes and a few other folks from Devils Backbone, and to be perfectly honest I am happy for them. The hard work they have put into the brewery is staggering, and to think they have gone from being a brewpub in the mountains of rural Virginia to the largest craft brewery in the Commonwealth in the space of just 7.5 years.

Congratulations Devils Backbone, and as long as the beer remains good, then I will remain a happy Devils Backbone drinker.


  1. Ron doesn't look happy. But then he doesn't appear to be holding a beer.

  2. Well done! Congratulations to the owners.

  3. So how will this work? Will this be a ABInbev branded restaurant serving DB beer (Kinda like Fullers branded pubs in the UK?) Will the restaurant be a separate business from the brewery?

  4. I'm never happy without a beer in my hand.

  5. Definitely reasonable. We take a watch-and-see approach with every brewery, irrespective of ownership, even if we're unaware of our own scrutiny. Who among us haven't drifted away from certain independent breweries that have lost focus?

  6. Agree or not the crafties are keeping remarkably quiet about this one. Nary a peep on twitter.

  7. In the UK the company is probably mostly associated with that Marston's-brewed pale ale, so not much craft cred to begin with.

    In the US: peep.


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