Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh Really?

Czech beer and brewing maestro Honza Kočka posted a link on his Facebook account about pioneers in the British 'craft' beer scene, which you can see here. Most of it is the usual innocuous waffly bollocks, but one particular sentence caught my attention, a quote from the CEO of Majestic Wine:
“Craft beers bridge the gap between wine and beer. People want something specialist and more interesting so we are moving away from sales of mass-produced beers."
Again this association of 'craft' beer with wine is presented, and as ever it misses the point.

Craft beer is not a 'bridge between wine and beer', craft beer is just beer. Pure and simple.

If you want your beer to be more like wine then I would suggest that you don't have a 'passion for beer' or whatever vacuous pile of shite you want to spout this week. Craft beer, micro beer, macro beer, mass-produced beer. It's all fucking beer, so stop with the 'it's like wine' nonsense.

This isn't to say that beer doesn't 'deserve the same respect' as wine (whatever that daft shite means), but can we stop with the comparisons for fuck sake and actually be proud of, and celebrate, beer on it's own terms.

Repeat after me:
Beer is beer, wine is wine.
Beer is not wine, wine is not beer.
Let beer be beer, let wine be wine.


  1. I think the comment reflects something he's seeing on the shop floors: wine drinkers who would never have picked up a can of Carling (though might chance a bottle of Peroni during the summer) are buying IPAs, porters and whatnot for the taste. Drinking beer for the taste is a new experience for lots of punters.

    The trade has always needed this separation between the mainstream and the other, be it "world beer", "speciality beer" or now "craft beer". Until recently there was a similar thing in the US between the notions of "domestic" and "imported", right?

    It's not really an issue that the consumer need be concerned with, IMO. You want to put these beers over here under that sign and these beers over here under the other sign? Sure. It's your shop: knock yourself out.

  2. I always learned it as "Craft beers bridge the gap between wine and sex". Or is that dancing? (This comment fueled by a lovely proper pint of old ale from the handpull).

  3. I'm happy to make comparisons. Beer's better than wine. In all sorts of ways.


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