Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three Times Eight

Doesn't necessarily equal 24, what it does equal though, if you live in the Charlottesville area, is an opportunity to get along to Sedona Taphouse tonight and enjoy some Three Notch'd beers as part of their latest Tap Takeover.

The eight beers available tonight are:
  • 40 Mile IPA
  • Jack's Java Espresso Stout
  • Killer Angel Double IPA
  • Oats McGroats Oatmeal Stout
  • Sweet Winter Ale
  • Session 42
  • Brother Barnabus Tripel
  • Tollan Amarillo RyePA
I won't be making it out myself as I am in my dry January stint, read Pete Brown on this, and won't be touching a drop again until February 1st, which is thankfully a Saturday.

I believe, and I am sure if I am wrong I will get an email fairly soon, that the Oats McGroats is the base stout for the Jack's Java.

Oh, I almost forgot, happy New year everyone!


  1. Thanks for telling us to check out three notched when we visited Starr Hill a couple of weeks ago. We were only able to try your session 42, but it was definitely worth the trip!

  2. Hey Cam,

    Thanks for your kind words about Session 42 - I am immensely proud of that beer. It was good to meet you at Starr Hill, and I hope you enjoyed all the VA beers you tried while you were here.

  3. When the Burton Ale gonna be ready? Can't wait.

  4. The Burton Ale is being brewed with Blue Mountain Brewery later this month, I imagine it would be ready around the middle of March.

  5. Oh by the way, Happy New Year!!!

  6. Hows that Expresso stout? I love a good coffee stout.