Friday, May 17, 2013

The Answer... an emphatic 'YES!'

The question though comes from this article on, which poses the deep and meaningful question as to whether:
'friends let friends drink only pilsners?'
One would have thought that a person who starts an article with 'As a beer writer' would actually have some vague notion of what they are talking about, but yet again people use terms like 'lager' and 'pilsner' as lazy shorthand for boring beer.

If your friend wants to drink 'only' pilsners, then bloody well let them. It's their body, their taste buds and their money, so they can drink whatever the hell they want to. If you can't have a good time while your friends drink 'only' pilsners, then I suggest you have a deeper problem than a person's choice of beer.

On that note, I'm going to buy a six pack of Pilsner Urquell...have a good weekend people.


  1. Hope that PU is in cans instead of skunked bottles! ;)

  2. Slate exists to tell you that whatever you're doing, it's wrong - be it drinking beer, thinking thoughts, living life, etc. That said, my life's too short to waste time drinking pilsners :P

  3. Ha, I like Helles, which is probably considered ever more boring than Pilsner!


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