Friday, April 19, 2013

#IHP2013 One Week Reminder

It has been a while since those of us that took part in this year's International Homebrew Project actually brewed our recreations of the Truman's No.4 Burton Ale from 1877.

I am sure that many of us have sampled a bottle or two as it has conditioned, for scientific and quality assurance purposes you understand.

Well, this is just a quick remember for those that brewed the beer that next Friday is the date set for blogging about how it turned out.

Naturally I will be posting about my brews - I will also review the failed version that came in at 4.5% and bears an uncanny resemblance to early 20th Century British IPAs.

In common with previous years, other brewers and bloggers should link to their posts in the comments thread to my post, and I will also tweet your links, again using the hashtag #IHP2013.


  1. Sampling? I have been drinking it on tap for the last couple of weeks. General consensus among those that try it is that it's nice if a little odd.
    It's bitter but does not seem anything like 125 IBU. I'm getting ahead of myself. Will say more when it's time.

  2. That's the joy of bottling, you can put things in the back of the cellar until it is ready!


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