Friday, February 15, 2013

IHP 2013 - 1 Week Warning

This is just a friendly reminder for those planning to brew as part of the International Homebrew Project for this year that next weekend is the designated timeframe for brewing Truman's No. 4 Burton Ale.

I will be brewing on Friday, assuming all goes to plan. I have my Cluster hops, my EKG, my London Ale yeast from Wyeast has been fermenting batch 3 of my bitter project this week, and I will be re-pitching it after I bottle the bitter and clean the yeast.

For those who do 5 gallon batches, I have scaled up my recipe on Hopville, you can see it here.

Let me know in the comments if you are planning to brew!


  1. I too have my hops & yeast ready so its full steam ahead next weekend, cheers Peter

  2. I'm still nervously awaiting my ingredients due to the wrong address being used (my fault I think). As long as they arrive by tomorrow I'll be good.


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